Symbol & Concept

Ci & Symbol
Blockchain, Expands Your Horizon

01. Story

The letter M in Metafinance is visual and is also in the VR of the METAVERSE,

Creates a sense of initiative and brings a flow of youthful energy you can feel.

02. Color

What can you feel in the METAVERSE? Feel real life filter into the virtual world. Visually express NEON lights that you can sit back and admire.
NEON cannot be produced in a single color but, The real METAFINANCE dreams of The world are filled with the energy of the countless people it symbolizes through a combination of colors.


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The foundation is only involved in blockchain-related core tasks such as coin generation, blockchain management, platform production and management if necessary, 

and is not involved in any other types of marketing or transactions such as coin sales, promotion and marketing, not limited to hereiin.