Making Loans more rewarding than ever before!

M/F White Paper

Meta Finance is the first web 3.0
loan matching platform which connects
borrowers and lenders and rewards all

MetaFinance's aim

Meta Finance 2.0 aims to use blockchain technology to connect borrowers
and lenders, remove intermediaries and marketing costs,
and provide transparency in the loan process to
address traditional finance inefficiencies and create
a more inclusive finance and credit system.

01 / Token Economy

02 / Web 3.0 loan matching platform

03 / MF Business Model

04 / MF Token Merch Market


Meta Finance aims to eliminate
intermediary and marketing costs present
in the retail financial services industry,
thus providing a transparent
and secure transaction process.


Web 3.0

Optimized tokenomics

MF Token aims to reward borrowers and lenders
who use the platform thus promoting user engagement
and community participation.

MF Token was issued with ERC-20 standard and is used as utility token.



  • Research on blockchain and finance markets
  • Establishment of Meta Finance Foundation
  • Planning for NFT platform construction
  • Review of NFT platform technical specifications
  • Listing on multiple internation USDT markets
  • Pilot operation of platform partner services.


  • Platform partnership strengthening
  • Launch MF Token 2.0 dedicated wallet (with staking functionality)
  • MF Token 2.0 platform official service launch planned
  • Development of platform-linked application begins
  • Planned promotion of MF Token 2.0 platform


  • Planning and construction of P2P services begin
  • MF Token 2.0 application trial operation scheduled
  • The official launch of the MF Token 2.0 application scheduled
  • Strengthening platform partnerships
  • P2P DeFi services initiated